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Muscle Pain and Tension Headaches

Muscle Angels® massagers
Not Just Another Massage Ball, Foam Roller, or “Stick”!

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Reduce pain from tension headaches or facial discomfort caused by temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJDs).

Relieve neck and shoulder soreness and spasms caused by stress, computer over-use, and more.

Minimize bilateral hand pain caused by tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Break up taut and sore forearm muscles caused by referred pain from tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, or from over-use injuries.

Upper Back
Minimize back pain associated with stress, pregnancy, and referred pain associated with arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Glutes & Piriformis
Relieve spasms and tension associated with piriformis syndrome / sciatica and tight iliotibial (IT) bands caused by excessive sitting, standing or exercising.

Reduce leg cramps and tightness due to excessive exercise, physical labor, or pregnancy.

Minimize foot pain and soreness caused by plantar fasciitis and excessive exercise.

Muscle Angels® massagers minimizes muscle pain
and fatigue while increasing flexibility, circulation, mobility
and elasticity – they are both preventative and therapeutic.

Recognized for its unique design and ergonomic excellence, Muscle Angels® weight distribution delivers optimum comfort and results – with minimal effort.

Muscle pain relief is achieved by combining three effective massage techniques – Myofacial Trigger Point, Acupressure, and Deep Tissue massage. Muscle Angels® unique features offer significantly more functionality and benefits than a standard massage-ball or foam roller.

The SCULPTED NUB-TIP stimulates circulation and breaks up knots. More than 290 tiny massaging NUBBIN-FINGERS™ work in unison to knead tight and achy muscles. Plus, the ergonomic STABILITY HANDLE fits comfortably in the palm of any size hand – making it easy to use. Control the desired amount of pressure with your hands, or use the HANDS-FREE feature and let gravity do the work for you.  » Learn More

Muscle Angels® help people just like YOU:

Muscle Angels® massagers for pets.

Now Available:
Muscle Angels® for pets

Preventative & Therapeutic! Pet Massage reduces stress and anxiety, increases flexibility and mobility, and deepens bond between you and your pet.

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The Sculpted Nub-Tip

The SCULPTED NUB-TIP stimulates circulation and breaks up knots by mimicking the techniques used by massage therapists. Instead of a finger or thumb putting pressure on tight trigger points, this perfectly sculpted tip penetrates deep into tight muscles – working to release painful knots and taut bands. Just lean the SCULPTED NUB-TIP anywhere on the body where there is pain (including referred pain) and control the amount pressure with your hands, or by letting gravity do the work for you. In minutes, feel the muscles begin to relax, and the range of motion and flexibility increase.

Nub Tip 1 Nub Tip 2 Nub Tip 3 Nub Tip 4 Nub Tip 5



Feel your muscles relax as more than 290 tiny NUBBIN-FINGERS™ knead the tight fascia (the web of tissue) located just below the top muscle layer. NUBBIN-FINGERS™ are perfect for people who experience chronic pain from excess physical activity. Just position the Original Muscle Angel® on its side on the floor, or against a wall or door-frame, and lean your back, glutes, quads, calves, forearms, or head, against the rounded NUBBIN-FINGERS™; let gravity provide the deep tissue work that you need to release sore muscle spasms. If the intensity is too much, just place the Muscle Angel® on top of a pillow or towel to absorb some of the pressure.

Nubbins Fingers 1 Nubbins Fingers 2 Nubbins Fingers 5 Nubbins Fingers 3 Nubbins Fingers 4


Stability Handle

The ergonomically designed STABILITY HANDLE fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. For maximum comfort, wrap your fingers around the wide side of the handle, or turn it sideways, for a more customized fit. Some people feel that they have more control by holding onto the rounded NUBBIN-FINGERS™ section of the Muscle Angel®. Other people like to lean against the rigid handle to help release deep trigger points®. And, for people who suffer from bilateral hand pain, Muscle Angels® can be used HANDS-FREE.

Stability Handle 1 Stability Handle 2 Stability Handle 3 Stability Handle 4 Stability Handle 5


Hands-Free Feature

The Original Muscle Angel® offers a HANDS-FREE solution for people who suffer from bilateral hand and arm pain. Just lean the STABILITY HANDLE against a wall, or inside the arm of a chair or door frame, and use your body weight to adjust the amount of pressure. The SCULPTED NUB-TIP helps reduce tight triggers points in your hands, arms, hips, glutes, legs, and back. For deep tissue work, just turn the Muscle Angel® on its side, and lean against the massaging NUBBIN-FINGERS. These HANDS-FREE options are easy-to-administer, and offer maximum versatility and comfort.

Hands-Free 1 Hands-Free 2 Hands-Free 3 Hands-Free 4 Hands-Free 5


Endorsed by Jacqueline Gareau –
Boston Marathon winner, 1980.

Jacqueline Gareau

“The Original Muscle Angel® is the best tool for loosening my tight muscles. I find it especially effective on my piriformis and hamstring muscles, however, if you are creative, you'll find that you can use the Muscle Angel® on every part of your body (the self-activating release technique makes it easy to get fast results). I hope the Muscle Angel® will let you continue to enjoy your favorite sport!”

– Jacqueline Gareau, Marathon Winner, Massage Therapist, and Lecturer

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