Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I left my Muscle Angels in the car and it froze;
is it OK to warm it up in the microwave?

A: Muscle Angel Massagers™ should never be placed in a microwave or freezer.
Instead, warm up the Muscle Angel™ in your hands, and within minutes you should feel
the Nubbin-Fingers™ begin to soften.

Q: I lost the Muscle Angels™ STABILITY SLEEVE,
were can I purchase a new one?

A: It is easy to replace your Stability Sleeve; just go to the Muscle Angles™ PLACE ORDER section of the website to order a replacement Stability Sleeve.

Q; Is it possible to order a custom-length STABILITY SLEEVE, as I’d love to have a longer sleeve?

A: YES, ordering a custom-length Stability Sleeve is easy. Just send an email to or call 1.617.738.0141 to request your custom order.

Q: The green “button” at the bottom of the handle is indented, rather than flush against the edge of the handle – is this OK?

A: It is quite common for the green “button” at the bottom of the handle to be recessed (and it may vary between products). These variances are normal and should not interfere with the effective use of the product.

Q: Which product offers the BEST VALUE?

A: The Original Muscle Angel™ Combo Pack Bundle offers maximum comfort and versatility for people who need easy access to those hard-to-reach places – without the need for assistance. Muscle Angel Massagers™ are designed to help minimize the intensity and frequency of chronic muscle pain and tension headaches. The product combines three effective massage therapy techniques including – trigger point, acupressure and deep tissue. Unique features help stimulate circulation, knead tight and achy muscles, and break up taut muscle knots – anywhere on the body. Plus, a HANDS FREE feature provides the perfect solution for people who suffer from hand and arm pain.